If you are not married but are in a relationship, and your partner becomes pregnant, it is very important to know if you are the father. (If you are the mother, the important thing is to know who the father is.) Lee's Summit paternity lawyer Michael W. Hanna can explain the serious legal ramifications of paternity and can work with you to find the best course of action once paternity has been determined.

Paternity Is A Serious Matter With Legal Implications

If you are alleged to be the father of a child, it is important that you contact a lawyer immediately. If you fail to take the claim seriously and admit it without paternity testing, you will be held to be the father whether you are or not. In that case, you will be held responsible for the father's child support obligations and you will face serious potential legal ramifications if you do not meet them.

Thus, the first order of business is to be tested by a reputable company. The result of the test determines the next steps. If the test comes back negative, you need to get a declaration that you are not the father. Michael W. Hanna can take care of this. If you are the father, you have rights as well as responsibilities, and Michael W. Hanna can advise you about both. Among other things, he can help you work out a way to deal with your child support obligations.

In Independence, Lee's Summit, and Raytown, Paternity Rights Lawyer Michael W. Hanna Of the Michael W. Hanna Law Office Represents Putative Fathers

Paternity questions are not to be taken lightly. To settle them responsibly, contact an attorney whose depth of experience will help lead you to a favorable resolution. Contact attorney Michael W. Hanna online or call 816-399-3359 to set up an initial exploratory consultation. The office accepts all credit cards except American Express.