Every felony charge is a very serious matter. But there is a definite tendency among prosecutors, because of state laws which have been passed by the Missouri Legislature, to make matters worse by enhancing felonies when the defendant has a prior plea of guilty or conviction.

If you have been charged with a crime you need to consult a lawyer immediately. In more and more cases, you need to consult an attorney who understands how criminal charges interact to increase your potential punishment. Michael W. Hanna, with over 30 years of experience as a practicing lawyer and 20 as a municipal judge, is such an attorney.

Prior Convictions Can Be Used To Aggravate Present Felony Charges

In more and more cases, the legislature is upholding society's disapproval of a class of offenses by providing that prior convictions can be used to enhance a present felony charge, whether they are related to that charge or not. For example, a prior drug conviction or guilty plea can be used to enhance a driving while revoked charge. Thus, more than ever there is no such thing as a non-serious felony charge.

If there is a bright side to these developments, it is that as the jails get more overcrowded, alternative, creative sentencing options are increasing even for serious felonies. Especially if an offender sincerely wants to reform, community-based treatments and alternatives to jail time are becoming available.

To investigate these options it is essential to consult a Lee's Summit felony charge lawyer such as Michael W. Hanna.

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