The courts work hard to ensure that child support is set appropriately in every case neither too high nor too low under the circumstances. But what happens when circumstances change? Upon request, the Missouri Division of Child Support will review whether to change a child support order every three years. In fact, a child support order can be changed whenever there is a substantial change in circumstances.

Lawyer Michael W. Hanna Can Help You Apply For Support Modifications As Soon As Things Change

The economy has not bounced back in Missouri, and people are still losing their jobs. When they do, far too often they simply stop paying obligations such as child support and do not avail themselves of the help of a lawyer.

Lee's Summit child support attorney Michael W. Hanna knows that you need legal assistance immediately in this situation. Support arrearages cannot be changed or modified. If you fall behind on your payments for 90 days, you may be charged with a crime a felony if the amount of the arrears is more than $5,000. Therefore it is crucial that you act immediately to apply for a modification of the support agreement if your circumstances warrant.

Some people think that they can simply agree orally to reduce their obligations. Unfortunately, this is not true. Any modification of a support agreement must be approved by a court. Michael W. Hanna will take all steps necessary to secure court approval of a proposed modification.

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When your circumstances change, it is essential to make provision for them promptly so that you can meet your obligations. With over 30 years of experience as a lawyer and 20 as a municipal judge, Michael W. Hanna has the depth of knowledge needed to negotiate support modifications you can live with. Contact him online or call 816-399-3359 to set up an initial exploratory consultation. The office accepts all credit cards except American Express.