Juvenile Family Court

The juvenile court, in Missouri and elsewhere, is a specialized tribunal with its own special set of rules. In Missouri, a diversity of matters concerning juveniles is assigned to juvenile court: charges of abuse or neglect of children, adult offenses committed by minors, adoptions and parental rights terminations.

If you find yourself involved in the juvenile court system for any reason, it is imperative to consult a lawyer who has experience with that system. This is particularly true in criminal/juvenile matters, where an attorney's failure to be cognizant of the rules may make all the difference to a juvenile offender's future.

Michael W. Hanna An Attorney With Experience In All Facets Of Juvenile Court

Few lawyers have experience in all the areas covered by juvenile court. Michael W. Hanna is one of them. Whether you come to juvenile court on a family law matter, because of charges of child abuse, or in connection with a young offender, you can trust his decades of experience in the system.

If You Are Involved In Juvenile Court, Contact An Attorney Familiar With Its Specialized Rules Raytown Family Court Lawyer Michael W. Hanna

To shepherd you through the process of juvenile court, an attorney must have experience with its unique rules. Lee's Summit juvenile lawyer Michael W. Hanna's over 30 years of litigation experience including 20 years as a municipal judge have given him a hands-on familiarity with all local court systems. Contact him online or callĀ 816-399-3359 to set up an initial exploratory consultation.