When a high net worth (HNW) couple divorces, issues arise that otherwise would not manifest themselves. The greater the value of the marital estate, the more complex are the problems that arise, such as the tax consequences.

HNW divorces require skilled and experienced counsel. Michael W. Hanna's over 30 years of practice and 20 years as a municipal judge give him the knowledge of the family law system and the pragmatism necessary to achieve the best results for his clients.

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The key to a successful division of property in an HNW case is to understand the marital assets and debt. In any divorce, the court, guided by statute, will divide the marital property as it thinks just. In an HNW case, the goal is to understand the parties' assets, their value and character, and the ramifications of any possible distribution and to aim for what the client wants within those constraints.

You can always trade off assets, but you must understand what you are trading. I will look closely at the marital assets to understand the best trade-offs to suggest. The highest-valued items might not be the ones to hold on to. My primary goal is to get you to understand that you need to get your head into the game and your heart out of it. If you look at the marital assets rationally, at what you and your spouse want, it is that much easier to arrive at a solution that gives your spouse what he or she wants in a way that possibly benefits you.

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Even in HNW cases, some couples think that they can get by without a lawyer because they have made promises about how things will be dealt with if the marriage dissolves. But such promises are not always kept. If you are facing a high-asset divorce, contact attorney Michael Hanna online or call 816-399-3359 to set up an initial exploratory consultation.