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Legal Advice for Missouri Families Adopting a Child or Stepchild

Adoption can mean many things for your family, depending on the context of the adoption. For some, adoption provides a home to a child in need. For others, adoption provides the opportunity to have a family where it otherwise would not be possible. In these cases, adoption can be overwhelming, but also very rewarding for those involved. However, adoption can serve a purpose beyond building families. In many families, adoption is used to extend legal rights to a stepchild or stepparent.

Adoption attorney Michael W. Hanna is available to help western Missouri clients with legal aspects of all types of open adoptions and private/closed adoptions, such as:

  • Stepparent adoption

  • Foster child adoption

  • International adoption

Stepparent Adoptions

For some children being raised by a biological parent and a stepparent, the other biological parent is essentially out of the picture. Adoption provides many benefits to both the stepchild and the stepparent. For example, adopting the stepchild allows a stepparent to extend statutory inheritance rights and employee medical benefits to the stepchild. In addition, adoption provides protection to the familial bond between stepchild and stepparent, should anything ever happen to the biological parent. Without proceeding with adoption, the stepparent would have no rights to custody if the child's biological parent died. The Michael W. Hanna Law Office can assist clients with all legal aspects of completing the stepparent adoption process.

Adopting a Child

When you are facing the long process of adopting a child, attorney Michael W. Hanna can help you know what to expect and prepare you for the steps ahead, such as the criminal background check and the pre-adoption home study. He can help ensure the process is completed correctly so that years down the road, the validity of the adoption cannot be questioned.

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