Many people misunderstand traffic violations. They don't take them seriously because they don't appreciate the serious potential consequences of a guilty plea or a finding of guilty to a traffic ticket. At the same time, they don't realize that with a lawyer's help, in most instances a moving violation can be reduced to a nonmoving violation so that one's criminal record or insurance rates are not affected. But a traffic violation can happen anywhere, and negotiating it down is more difficult in some states than in others.

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Lee's Summit traffic ticket attorney Michael W. Hanna, a practicing attorney for over 30 years and a municipal judge for 20 years while practicing law, knows the ins and outs of traffic courts. He knows the states in which it is still possible to negotiate an offense down to a nonmoving violation and those in which it is not (such as Iowa, Arkansas and out-state Kansas). He can advise when you should simply pay the ticket and accept the potential repercussions for your right to drive and insurance rates, and when you should not.

Today, one should be especially careful when deciding how to take care of a traffic ticket as the conviction will probably go across state lines to the state when one is licensed.

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Don't pay a traffic fine before you talk to a lawyer. Michael W. Hanna can advise you of the consequences and help you work toward the most favorable resolution, if possible, one in which the violation will not appear on your record. Contact attorney Michael Hanna online or call 816-399-3359 to set up an initial exploratory consultation. The office accepts all credit cards except American Express.