Kansas City, Missouri, Defense Lawyer: Drug Charges

If you are facing drug charges involving possession, distribution, or other drug offense, your strongest asset is your right to remain silent. Many people believe that once the police have confiscated illegal drugs, there is no defense. Out of despair, they confess and make a deal.

You CAN Fight Drug Charges and Win

What many people who are facing drug charges do not understand is that there are options - even when illegal drugs or prescription narcotics are found in your possession. Therefore, it is important to talk to an experienced drug crimes defense lawyer first - before making any statements to the police.

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The Michael W. Hanna Law Office provides experienced legal representation to clients facing state or federal drug charges such as:

  • Drug possession

  • Possession with intent to distribute

  • Drug distribution/drug trafficking/drug sale

  • Operation of a meth lab

  • Prescription drug fraud

  • Other drug charges

Can the Confiscated Drugs Be Used to Obtain a Conviction?

Whether representing a client facing marijuana possession charges, prescription drug possession charges, or other drug charges, attorney Michael W. Hanna will carefully examine the evidence and how it was obtained. Many times, drug charges follow a traffic stop where the officer proceeded to search the vehicle. If there was not probable cause for the traffic stop or probable cause to search the vehicle, drugs found in your car may be considered inadmissible in court - meaning they cannot be used to obtain a conviction. In other drug charge cases, the drugs are confiscated in an illegal search of your home. Even if the officers have a valid warrant to search your home, in many cases there are limitations on where they can search. If the drugs are found outside of the scope of the search warrant, the drugs cannot be used against you.

As a former municipal court judge and experienced criminal defense attorney Michael W. Hanna understands the significance of carefully analyzing each piece of evidence and vigorously pursuing motions to suppress evidence that was obtained illegally.

Read more about your Right to Remain Silent.

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