Raytown Solicitation Charges Lawyer

When you find yourself in a situation where you may be facing solicitation or prostitution charges, it is essential that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. These charges are serious and can have an impact on your life and future.

At the Michael W. Hanna Law Office, we confidently stand up for the rights of individuals facing all types of serious criminal charges, including solicitation and prostitution. Attorney Michael Hanna is a skilled trial lawyer who has over 20 years of experience as a municipal court judge and private practice attorney. He is able to advise you of your options and provide you with the realities of how any potential outcomes may affect your life. Contact us today at 816-399-3359 for more information about the criminal defense services our firm offers.

Solicitation Charges

If you have been charged with solicitation after accusations that you were patronizing a prostitute, attorney Michael W. Hanna can help. He understands the specifics of solicitation matters, such as issues pertaining to the sting operation in which you may have been arrested. He can take the time to investigate the case and work with the prosecution to see that your solicitation charges are reduced or dismissed whenever possible.

Attorney Michael W. Hanna will also handle solicitation of a minor charges for clients who may be facing these charges after an exchange through electronic means, such as the Internet or a social networking site. When necessary, we can enlist forensic computer experts to help us mount an aggressive defense on your behalf.

Prostitution Charges

A conviction on a prostitution charge may follow you for the rest of your life, even if it is just a misdemeanor (as many prostitution charges are). Mr. Hanna can assist you if you have been arrested on suspicion of any type of prostitution charge, including:

  • Prostitution

  • Patronizing prostitution

  • Promoting prostitution (first, second, and third degrees)

  • Prostitution houses deemed a public nuisance

  • Promoting travel for prostitution

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Take immediate action to defend yourself against prostitution and solicitation charges with the help of a lawyer at our firm. Contact attorney Michael W. Hanna today to schedule a consultation. We work hard to see that your rights are protected.