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You had a child before marriage and now the other parent wants joint custody. You and your partner got a divorce and are fighting over who should get physical custody of your children. Your spouse has falsely accused you of domestic assault and abuse in order to gain custody of your children. Your spouse has physically harmed the children and you think visitation should be supervised.

Disputes over child custody and visitation are difficult and often cause great stress on the entire family. Michael W. Hanna will work hard to help you find a child custody solution that benefits everyone.

For over 32 years, Michael W. Hanna has been helping people in western Missouri resolve child custody arguments in a fair and agreeable manner. When finding a solution, he will take into consideration the needs of all parties, including the children. When an agreement cannot be reached, experienced family law attorney Michael Hanna has the extensive legal knowledge and courtroom skills needed to protect your parental rights in court.

If you need a lawyer to form a child custody plan, call 816-399-3359 or contact Michael W. Hanna and learn more about how he can help you.

Putting Your Children's Needs First in Child Custody Disputes

Child custody battles are the hardest for children. Children often do not understand why they have to split their time between two homes. At the Michael W. Hanna Law Office in Raytown, Missouri, Michael W. Hanna understands the difficulties children go through during and after a divorce. When fighting for a custody plan, we put their needs first. If an agreement cannot be reached through negotiation or mediation, he will represent your interests in the courtroom if a custody trial is necessary.

Modifying Child Custody Agreements After a Divorce

When your child was born or after a divorce, you agreed to a custody plan that honored your parental right to see and spend time with your son or daughter. Now, a few years later, you may need to move or there have been other changes in circumstances that require you to modify the original agreement. Michael W. Hanna can help modify an original custody agreement if:

  • A parent moves to another city or state

  • A parent is abusive

  • A parent marries someone who is abusive

  • A parent becomes addicted to a toxic substance

  • The child is older and requires a different plan

  • Other significant changes in circumstances which make it in the child's best interest that custody be changed

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Contact the Law Office of Michale W. Hanna for help from an experienced child custody attorney. Michael W. Hanna will work hard to help you resolve visitation and child custody disagreements and reach a solution that benefits everyone involved.