Lee's Summit Criminal Law Attorney

My office practices in the areas of family law and criminal defense. My clients can take advantage of my hands-on advocacy in the following areas:

  • Family law: This category encompasses much more than divorce. I can help you with matters including:
    • Divorce: I am a lawyer you can trust as you deal with all the ramifications of a family dissolution.
    • Adoption: Whether you are welcoming a new member to your family or securing the rights of a stepchild, I can help.
    • Child custody: My office works hard to find a solution that benefits everyone in these emotionally bruising cases.
    • Paternity: Decisions about paternity are important and should not be made without the advice of an experienced attorney.
    • Child support/Modification: When a parent's circumstances change, it is imperative to obtain a modification of support obligations.
    • High net worth divorce/Complex property division: The special problems of a high net worth divorce demand the advice of an experienced family law lawyer.
  • Criminal defense: As a Lee's Summit criminal law lawyer, I represent clients charged with a wide variety of misdemeanors and felonies:
    • DUI/DWI: If brought in promptly, my office can take measures to prevent adverse consequences to your criminal record, driver's license and even your freedom.
    • Drug charges: There are options in possession or distribution cases if you talk to an experienced drug crimes defense attorney first.
    • Solicitation: My office understands the specifics of solicitation and prostitution matters and will mount an aggressive defense on your behalf.
    • Sex crimes: My office aggressively defends the rights of clients accused of sex crimes, pornography crimes and cybersex crimes.
    • Traffic violations: In most courts it is still possible to get traffic charges reduced to nonmoving violations with the advocacy of a skilled and experienced lawyer.
    • Serious felony charges: More and more cases are falling into this category, making representation by a skilled criminal defense attorney imperative.
    • Misdemeanors: Even an apparently small crime can have serious future consequences unless a skilled criminal defense attorney is working to mitigate them.
    • Juvenile/Family court: My office is familiar with the rules of these specialized courts.
    • Suspended and revoked license: These charges should never be pleaded to without first consulting an experienced traffic lawyer, who may be able get them reduced or dismissed.
    • Firearms and weapons: An experienced firearms attorney can protect you from the unexpected and unpleasant ramifications of a weapons charge.
    • Expungement: A new statute is widening the class of convictions that can be expunged from a criminal record.

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